By Laws

West Virginia Christian Athletic Tournaments

The WVCAT exists for the purpose of providing Christian fellowship and quality athletic tournaments for the Christian Schools of West Virginia.

Charter/Member/Participating Schools
The WVCAT is non-denominational but requires that participating schools provide a protestant Christ-centered education.  New member schools will be voted in by a 2/3 majority of existing members.  Charter schools are Wood County Christian School, Cross Lanes Christian School, Grace Christian School, and Greater Beckley Christian School.
Non-member schools may participate in the tournaments.  Charter schools makeup the governing board.  Member high schools makeup the athletic committee. By-laws amended by a 2/3 majority.

The WVCAT committee  consists of a chairman, tournament directors, and representatives from each member high school.  Each member high school participating in any WVCAT tournament would choose a representative from their school.

(Mike Conaway)

  • Seed teams
  • Chair meetings
  • Securing facilities, awards/trophies, and officials (with tournament directors assistance)
  • Recruiting new schools and reviewing by-laws with school administration/athletic directors
  • Securing roster information for tournament programs, eligibility list for each participant, and school commitment forms.
  • Sponsors/Fundraisers for tournaments

Tournament Director

  • Assist chairman in securing facilities, trophies, and officials
  • Assist chairman in all tournament needs (in preparation for and during tournaments)
  • Provide-admissions personnel, clock personnel, hospitality room, announcing line-ups

Tournament Seeding

  • Coaches ballot – H.S. use MaxPreps
  • Head to head competition
  • Overall winning percentage
  • Athletic Committee will give final approval/adjustments for seeding

 All-Tournament Selection

  • Chosen by coaches
  • Soccer-11
  • Volleyball-9
  • Basketball-9
  • Track – ribbons/top point trophy
  • Baseball – 10
  • Cheerleading – 8

Rules and Regulations

  • NFSHSA rule book and WVSSAC rules
  • Officials must be certified for appropriate sport


  • 3 person appeals committee

Tournament appeals committee:  Chairman, Tournament Director, a third committee member Governing appeals committee:  Charter Schools

Student Eligibility

  • Full-time student (enrolled in at least ½ daily classes)
  • Senior completing work for graduation
  • Meet eight semester rule after entering ninth grade
  • An amateur
  • Not a graduate of high school or an equivalent
  • Meet member school’s academic requirements
  • Enrollment dates
  • Players must be enrolled in respective schools by September 15 for fall sports, January 15 for winter sports, and April 1 for spring sports.
  • Middle school:  5th-8th grade
  • High School:  8th-12th grade
  • 8th graders cannot participate in both tournaments – (committee will consider requests)
  • Age requirements
    • For varsity teams, who has not attained his or her nineteenth birthday prior to August 1 of the current school year of participation
    • For Middle school teams, who has not attained his or her fifteenth birthday prior to August 1 of the current school year of participation

School Responsibilities

  • Ensure individual players meet student eligibility requirements
  • Hosting of tournaments
  • Adhere to general rules
  • Submit tournament eligibility/roster form at least 2 weeks prior to tournament
  • Schools are to use registered officials of an approved officials organization for the sport they are officiating
  • Signing commitment letter for each sport
  • Player/coach/fan conduct
    • Each school is responsible to institute and enforce its own guidelines of Player/coach/fan conduct.
    • Displaying Christ-likeness on and off the floor/field.

Special Provisions

  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct—penalties in accordance with state and national guidelines
  • Violation of Eligibility rules—forfeiture of games
  • Game passes and free admissions—players, coaches, cheerleaders, scorers, statisticians, trainers, full-time faculty, pastors, and administrators
  • Hardship requests—all appeals in writing (decision requires 2/3 vote of WVCAT)
  • Types of Teams—Varsity & Middle
  • Scholarships—no student will be given scholarships or grants-in-aid of any kind purely for athletic purposes
  • No artificial noisemakers, warm-up music, banners, signs, or run-throughs

Trophies and Awards

  • 1st place banner (varsity)  1st place trophy (middle)
  • 2nd place trophy
  • 3rd place trophy
  • All-tournament trophies
  • Medallions for High school championship team

General Rules

  • Athletes must be modest in dress—no spandex as outer garment
  • Coaches should dress in a professional manner
  • Athletes must have current physical forms on file at their respective schools
  • After teams have given a written commitment, there will be a $200 fee for high school and $100 fee for middle school, if that commitment is broken (within 2 weeks of that tournament)

Tournament Format

  • All teams go to the tournament
  • Officials will be selected by an independent assigner not affiliated with any participating school
  • Varsity tournaments at a neutral site
  • Middle School tournaments hosted at WVCAT schools

Host School Responsibilities

  • Tournament Director
  • Admssions: goes to WVCAT
  • Clock Personnel –announcing line-up
  • Hospitality room
  • Assist scheduling officials
  • Concessions
  • Balls – water
  • Security